Ed Westwick Tattoo Designs

January 30, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

the design of song lyrics tattoos

It is always fun and interesting to get to know everything celebrity related just like the Ed Westwick tattoo designs that are somewhat funny for some people. Ed Westwick is actually a musician and also an actor who has his rising popularity when playing a role as Chuck Bass in the television series of Gossip […]

Draw Skulls on Fire as Tattoo Design

January 29, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

-Fire Skull Tattoo

One particular design of tattoo that is so popular is flame related design which means that if you have an idea of draw skulls on fire as your tattoo design; it will be one of those fire related tattoo designs. AS a matter of fact every tattoo design has its own meaning just as rose […]

Creative Tattoos on the Side of it Stomach with Beautiful Appeal

January 28, 2015 By: harison Category: Abdominal tattoos

A Beautiful Flower On Stomach

In the entire human body there are so many spots that could be used as a canvas for tattoos so that you can even have creative tattoos on the side of it stomach. Many people especially women and even celebrities are having tattoos in many design variations on their stomach sides. The look is surprisingly […]

Important Things to Know Before Getting Cool Tattoos on Foot

January 27, 2015 By: harison Category: foot tattoos

A tattoo of an oxytocin molecule the hormone that makes one fall in love

Having cool tattoos on foot might be a great idea to have a unique look in your appeal although there are several important things that you should know before getting into the final decision of having the tattoos. The fact that foot offers a great flat spot for the tattoos is one advantage to have […]

Astonishing Chest Tattoo Small for Men and Women

January 23, 2015 By: harison Category: Chest Tattoos

Astonishing Chest Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

Tattooing the chest might be the interesting style for many tattoo lovers. The chest is one of the best positions of tattoo placement. On your chest, you can create big tattoo or chest tattoo small. The smaller tattoo is usually liked by the newbie tattoo lover. It is not too painful enough than the bigger […]

Outstanding Celtic Sleeve Tattoos Symbolized the Old Glory

January 22, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Half Sleeve Celtic Cross Tattoos

One kind of tattoo style is Celtic tattoos. As the other style of tattoo, Celtic is able to fit to every place on your body. One of the most awesome is on your sleeve. The sleeve is maybe the perfect place for Celtic tattoos as their style to be cross and knot. Celtic sleeve tattoos […]

Famous Captain Jack Tattoo as the Name of Tattoo School

January 20, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Pirate Ship Tattoos

One time you hear captain jack, you must be thinking about Jack Sparrow in the popular movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Famous icon acted by Johnny Deep is promising object that can be applied into some different field including art. The art of tattoos is also popular with captain jack tattoo since the movie becomes […]

Fabulous Cancer Memory Tattoos with Ribbon as the Main Sign

January 20, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Butterfly ribbon tattoos

Cancer is very dangerous disease which people vey unlike to ail. Maybe cancer is one of the most deadly illnesses in the world. So many people are interested to give more care for the cancer patients. To sign their respect for cancer patients, people usually use tattoo as the media. Not only for the respecters, […]

Calm and Simple Appearance in the Black n White Tattoo

January 19, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Arm Tattoos For Black Women Black and white arm tattoo

Painting tattoos on the body is not about coloring it sharply and colorfully. Yes, the tattoo will appear more attractive with such combination of color. But it doesn’t mean that plain black n white tattoo will not awesome enough. The black and white tattoos actually have its fans. Some people certainly prefer to tattoo their […]

Marvelous Badass Quarter Sleeve Tattoos for Mediocre Style

January 18, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

badass cross tattoos

Some say badass tattoo is more than usual art. It shows between artistic appearance and substantial of meaning. Today, the existence is more and more liked by the tattoo lovers. Either men or women prefer to draw their body with badass tattoos on their part of body. Sleeve is such favorite part of their body […]