Love Struck to Jesse Metcalfe Arm Tattoo

February 14, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Close up of the detail of Jesse Metcalfe's tattoo located on his left arm

Who does not Jesse Metcalfe? Of course, he is an American actor who is well known for his acting on Desperate Housewives. He has revealed his new tattoo inspired by his on-off girlfriend, Nadine Coyle. She is a great singer who can make him falling in love even they also often break up. Nevertheless, Jesse […]

Signs Infected Foot Tattoos and the Treatment

February 13, 2015 By: harison Category: foot tattoos

Infected Tattoo

Tattoo infection! It seems horrible hearing that news. This is one of the risks of having tattoos on your body, guys. Before you do the tattoos, you better know the possibility you will get the future such tattoo infection. Nevertheless, having infection is not such instant but it needs time for about first, fifth, or […]

Endearing and Meaningful In Loving Memory Tattoo

February 12, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Blue Ribbon Memorial Tattoo

Do you want something outstanding to look on your body? Memorial tattoo is great choice for you to carve on your body. By this word, it means that the tattoo can be a person, whom you love, and everything to share something important times of our lives. Just in case, in loving memory tattoo is […]

Tips to Remove Henna Tattoos

February 11, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Best Henna

Henna tattoos are very famous in all over the world because they are traditional culture in India. These beautiful arts usually are designed and applied for the women who are going to marry. It is usually for their hands and even feet that this process needs long time. You will see the real beauty of […]

Beautiful Hawaiian Flower Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

February 10, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Beauty Sleeve Tattoo for Women Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs

It comes again, the tattoos! Now they do exist in different style and design in flower point for both men and women. Flowers are really cute and of course beautiful. That is why the tattoos designer may get inspired to create new style of tattoos of the year. Flower is actually a symbol of love […]

Stunning Glow in the Dark Tattoos

February 09, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Check Out These Awesome White Ink Tattoos

Make your body glowing in the dark! Your friends will be surprised and even give you compliment about your new style, guys! Yes, glow in the dark tattoos have become a new trend of youngster’s lifestyle today. You can express thinking and passion on your body through creating sophisticated and outstanding mark. Each mark may […]

The Important Things to Remember Before Applying Finger Tattoos White

February 08, 2015 By: harison Category: Finger Tattoos

finger tattoo

White tattoos are popular nowadays and one of the placements being chosen would be the finger. However, before you go to the tattoo parlor, you may need to remember these things of finger tattoos white. The first is the choice of design. Choosing the right design for the finger tattoos are one of the utmost […]

How Girls Tattoo for Neck is Made

February 07, 2015 By: harison Category: neck tattoos

Back of the neck tattoo

Look at Rihanna with her neck tattoos. The stars small and big are decorating the neck to the lower parts. She is not the only female celebrities to get such tattoos and they have been able to inspire girls tattoo for neck. So, no wonder the neck tattoos have become one of the most popular […]

The Truth about the Full Sleeve Skull Tattoo

February 06, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

Awesome Examples of Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos may start out worn by criminals. However, in the modern days, many people have full sleeve skull tattoo on their arm just to show their artistic side. This is just how a full sleeve tattoo’s meaning has shifted. That is why many people decide to have their arm tattooed. Even those prominent figures of […]

Is Getting Forearm Text Tattoo a Good Idea?

February 05, 2015 By: harison Category: Arms Tattoos

A forearm tattoo with simple text

Forearm text tattoo has been chosen by a lot of people to decorate their bodies. However, there will always be a question if it is wise to get the forearm lettering tattoo or not. After all, many celebrities use them and the look even hotter than before. So, let us look at the pros and […]